Sheril Antonio

Sheril Antonio has been taking photographs since she was in her teens. Over the past 15 years she has been working with both digital and analog cameras and in 2009 her first published photographs appeared in conjunction with an article she wrote for Black Camera.
Her last titled series were taken with her Blackberry. Its lens began as a convenience then evolved into more fascinating study of color, design, and texture. These images entitled  “Distortions” combined the impulsive spontaneity that the Blackberry provided. She used its photographic capabilities to a specific end: a less than perfect image that was both limiting yet all encompassing simultaneously.
Her photography, film, and television education has instilled in her in the idea of photography as “painting with light” yet none of the images in the Distortions or “Puddles” series have been manipulated. They are true representations of the colors, textures and the changing light. She merely captured what nature and man-made materials had “painted.”
Sheril has shown her work at the Members Shows at Guild Hall and throughout past years at Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton.  In March 2013, she was a guest artist at Crazy Monkey Gallery and in 2014 is showing at the Southampton Cultural Center for Black History Month.  Currently some of her original photographs appear with her blog on
Sheril divides her time between New York City and East Hampton, LI where many of these photographs were taken.

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